Purpose, Mission & Creed

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles (CUV) is a small woman-owned company focused on autonomous and remotely operated sensor platforms, primarily UAVs and aerostats. CUV produces small mobile aerostat systems, provides research and development of aerostats and UAVs, and aerostat test services for payloads.


Carolina Unmanned Vehicles exists to generate, pursue and commercialize unmanned systems, to save lives, remove people from danger and improve the performance of critical human activities


We will achieve our purpose by advancing, interrelating and applying our core competencies to develop, manufacture and market unique proprietary, high-quality unmanned systems and related components to bring high value to our customers in selected niche markets. Our core competencies are innovative design engineering capabilities, a thorough understanding of the military and law enforcement environments, and the ability to build strong focused teams to solve problems. Our market focus is on autonomous and remotely operated sensor platforms, primarily small aerostat systems and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs). Our primary focus is on small aerostat systems and on UAVs under 40Kg including manportable systems for military and law enforcement. We will produce complete systems as well as provide developmental work and technical support and analysis of aerostats, UAV systems and related components.

We pledge that our business will be conducted with integrity, high ethical standards incorporating a sense of community and civic responsibility, and demonstrating Christian principles in all activity. We believe in the worth and dignity of each individual. We will provide an environment which promotes individual and team development, leading to external and internal customer satisfaction. We encourage and expect the participation of every employee in achieving corporate values and goals. We will do our best to see that organizations, systems and resources are provided to support generation and development of ideas to achieve these goals.