Surveillance & Communications Solutions for Military, Law Enforcement & Border Control

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles provides a variety of Lightweight Aerostat Systems providing a versatile, long-endurance platform for a variety of military, Homeland Security, law enforcement and civil missions.


We have worked with several military and government branches and contractors, providing them with systems for communications, research, surveillance and other strategic and tactical operations. Our systems are more mobile than traditional aerostat systems and operate in much higher winds, improving mobility, mission utility and capability in adverse weather. The primary military version, the Small Tactical Multi-Payload Aerostat System (STMPAS), was deployed by the Army to Afghanistan.

Homeland Security

Our unique Lightweight Aerostat Systems provides a broad range of capabilities, including a longe-range wide area surveillance.  Towers may give you a view of only about one mile. CUV systems can detect and identify people up to five miles, vehicles up to 10 miles and out to 25-30 miles out at sea. Our systems can stay aloft for as much as seven days without needing any attention, providing  a very persistent, consistent and low maintenance system. The aerostats are ideal for border and port security, surveillance, week-long events and monitoring large outdoor concerts and other events needing specialized security and surveillance. Since the systems can cover a large area, they can provide communications during and after natural disasters, floods, earthquakes and power outages. 


Lightweight Aerostat Systems are exceptional tools to collect data for oceanographic, atmospheric, conservation and environmental research. LAS can gather long-term data over specific locations for analysis and study of critical phenomenon that affect global environments, be it ocean or freshwater, air, the rain forests, pollution transport and other ecosystems. Measurements with LAS can provide better altitude coverage than ground sensors, and with greater endurance than aircraft. 

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