We provide various aerostat related products and items. These include aerostats, tethers, winches, support equipment and flight safety items.

Aerostats - We can provide the complete line of Allsopp Helikites, in both the single ply Skyhook and the dual ply Desert Star categories. The former is often used for research purposes while the Desert Star is a very rugged tactical design. Payload capability ranges from a few pounds to 250 pounds. All things which affect air density also affect aerostat life so operating conditions such as ground elevation and air temperature must be taken into account, as well as the weight of the tether and safety equipment. We can help customers select the appropriate size based on their payload and operating conditions.

Tethers - Tethes can be non-powered or equipped with internal wires and/or fiber-optic lines to transmit power and data to and from the payloads. With a non-powered tether, the aerostat has to be brought down periodically for short intervals to change out payload batteries or refuel fuel cells. With a data/power tether, the mission endurance is limited only by the periodic need to "top off" the small amount of helium that has leaked out over multiple days. Our standard non-power tethers are a very strong and lightweight material. Power tethers add internal wires and fiber lines as required.

Winches - Aerostats require special winches that will not damage the lightweight tethers. Many standard winches use gearing in the center shaft which produces heat. This is not a problem if the winch is used with steel cable but the heat can damage the lightweight tether material. Our winches are specially selected to avoid this issue. Winches for power/data tethers must also have slip rings and rotary fiber-optic joints and be designed so as not to place undue stress on the tether internal wires and fibers. We can provide several standard types of winches and can custom design units if we do not have a standard design to meet customer specifications.

Support Equipment - All delivered CUV systems include a set of basic support equipment. This includes such items as stakes and straps to secure the trailer to the ground in high wind. It also includes wrenches for attaching the helium tank lines, containers for aerostat and tether safety lights, etc. We sell replacement support equipment items as well as specialized items that only some customers require. An example of this is a kit for securing the trailer to rocky soil, that consists of a power jack hammer and rock anchors.

Flight Safety Items - We sell safety lights for installation on the aerostat and on the tether, to alert aircraft and helicopters to the collision danger. The FAA requires these on aerostats. Also required by the FAA are devices to automaticall deflate the aerostat if the tether becomes detached. We can provide CPS or radio-based systems for this.

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