Research & Development

We conduct R and D of new aerostat versions, including adapting the design to new platforms such as Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV), or to new payloads and missions.  CUV is committed to developing innovative products through focused R&D. From the company's very beginning, CUV has been working closely with our customers to ensure that our innovative spirit is focused on solutions for REAL customer needs. We ensure that our customers are provided the level of service and customer support that is consistent with the quality of our products. Our staff advises on and helps solve issues involved in matching payloads to particular aerostat sizes, incorporating payloads into the overal system, and recommend aerostat systems that will not only fulfill your needs, but also best fit your budget.

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles, developers of unsurpassed small mobile aerostat systems, provides you with unrivaled persistence and extensive coverage at a low cost.