Minimum Manpower, Maximum Range, Improved Launch Timeline

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles, Inc. offers you the Lightweight Aerostat System (LAS) for persistent surveillance, communications and force protection capabilities. Focused on autonomous and remotely operated sensor platforms, Carolina Unmanned provides complete systems, research and development, technical support and analysis.

The Lightweight Aerostat System is the generic term for CUV's completely mobile solution for military, Homeland Security and other missions. The focus of LAS is on complete "Turn-Key" systems that are more mobile, less expensive to operate and more survivable than alternative methods. A version of the LAS, the Small Tactical Multi-Payload Aerostat System (STMPAS) denotes the version focused on military and Homeland Security. It was developed for the US Army to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance apability for small tactical units in Afghanistan and other locations.

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles systems offer:

A patented "lifting aerostat" that combines helium and wind lift so even very small sizes operate easily in high wind, allowing for operating and maintenance cost to be a fraction of the cost of traditional lighter-than-air designs. Compared to towers, UAS and aircraft, the LAS has significant operational advantages for mobile surveillance and communications relay.

Long mission duration of days, not hours, is one of the many benefits of the LAS, which can be launched directly from the trailer that carries it. The LAS blimp can be flown at a 1500-foot altitude to provide coverage 24 hours a day for a week or more without maintenance or downtime. It covers a far larger area than tower-based cameras and has reduced blind spots due to obstacles in the field of view.

The LAS is carried by a single HMMWV / Pickup trailer and operated by a two-person crew. It requires 1/4 the setup time of  a tower-based camera system. Unlike larger semi-static aerostats, it is readily air transportable, road and off-road mobile, and can be carried on military and commercial ships.

Follow this link fore more information on specific applications:
Military Operations - Small Tactical Multi-Payload Aerostat Systems (STMPAS)

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles provides you with systems, flight testing, leasing  and all parts  and components you need.